I love what I do! I am asked that question quite abit these days. I'm not only interested in helping my clients's bottom line but providing stunning photography images that showcases what I can do creatively.

I am professional photographer that has client assignments that range from advertising, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and e-commerce photo shoots. Celebrities, high fashion advertorials, fashion shows, portraits, catalogs, and promotional products are some of the areas I have worked in.

Preproduction and postproduction expertise such as scouting, printing, video production and digital retouching are additional skills I have to enrich a photography shoot. My clients range from fashion designers, publishing companies, corporate personal, department stores and private clients. Working positively with various groups of people and performing under pressure are qualitites I possess.

Specialties: In studio and location shooting, creative direction, video production, art direction, editing, team building and software expertise.